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Who We Are

We are steadfast and transparent in our beliefs, consistent in our actions and authentic in our intentions.

Our goal is to make an impact that matters.

Our purpose is to underline the importance of human connections in all aspects. 

With 15 years’ experience in industry, we offer a range of marketing and sales consulting services and marketing agency support. 

We know what motivates our clients and their customers.



We are a marketing and sales consultancy that offers impartial advice to find the best solutions for your growth journey and deliver it for you.

Our partnership is built on trust - to be open, honest and consistent across all aspects of the business

Project Management

What are the advantages to have a 3rd party project manager?

  • Focus on project deliverables

  • Not bogged down to in internal politics

  • Objective viewpoint to support tough decisions

  • Provides objective external frame of reference


Online events

  • Knowledge sharing - Spread your knowledge around the world!
  • Help others to understand technology, finance, digital, human nature, customer experience, human experience, etc…..

Physical events

Engage, inform and connect – Create network

Despite efforts to replicate human behaviour and gestures through automation and AI, the essentials of human connection—eye contact, personal touch, empathy—remain irreplaceable by technology.

Deliver experience for your clients, partners and employees

Conference Organiser Platform

One platform for all event purposes online and offline before and during the event.


Meet our Clients


“It was indeed a great event, very well organized. Thanks and congratulations to your team for that!”

Michel Clement

Vice President, Customer Success, Oracle EMEA

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